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Welcome to KappaTel. We are the best IPRN Ranges Provider. We provide worldwide unique ranges with great access and highest payouts in the market.

KappaTel is marketing arm of Media Premium Fze. Media Premium Fze is UAE based international company.

Media Premium Fze specialises in providing powerful Telephone billing solutions, VAS, Call Centre Technology, IVR, international Premium Rate, Marketing, and Content Management to help businesses present a professional presence as well as increasing revenue and operate more efficiently.

We provide extensive ranges of International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers. We understand our client business to provide them with a right solution with the best payment options. We bring International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers under a single roof with the best Payouts.


We offer services, such as gaming, Online Dating, Horoscope, Music Services and for these, you need a Premium Rate number, likely you will choose Domestic Premium Rate Number. These numbers work only in the country in which were issued.

Hosted IVRs

Using Hosted IVRs you can host your IPRN Numbers to Audio Stream, Your callers will listen the IVR you set on numbers.

SIP Redirection

Using SIP Redirection you can get calls on your sip account and answer that call, this used in Dating, Horoscope etc.

Directory & Weather Inquiry

Using our robust services you can provide information to your callers about any directory listings or weather.

Sports Updates

You can broadcast any sports commentatory on IPRN Numbers by putting specialist commentator on SIP Softphone.

Gateway IP to IP Transfer

Using our carrier level switch we can transfer your numbers to your server's IP so you can manage them by your end.

News Updates

You can provide live news updates through premium rate numbers to your callers, so they will keep theirself updated.

Why choose us?

We always provide better solutions and always in try to improve our services day by day.

Reliable Control Panel

With our control panel, you can manage your sub-clients, assign numbers, view live statistics in real time and view your revenue.

Fast & Secure Payouts

We provide best payouts for our IPRN Ranges and settle payment faster using secure paypal, bank wire transfers.

24x7 Best Support

We are at your service 24*7, we always ensure that you will get best services every time, our support team is always ready for you.








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